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Expanding Your Territory, Reaching Beyond Your Local Market

Posted by industryblogger on Jun 28, 2012

RV owners are people on the go, and that could be good news for your business. Are you taking advantage of not just local, but nationwide marketing?  Here are a couple suggestions:

• Offer sales, warranty work, body shop services and equipment or accessories to travelers in need of immediate assistance.

• Woo distant prospects with special offers.

Expanding your territory is a very real option for any RV Dealer in this current techno landscape, of course, the customers have to find you first. That’s where your online marketing comes into play. Here are several tools to help you develop a nationwide marketing presence:

• Your Google Places account is a good start. People in your area searching terms like “RV sales and service” should find the familiar orange “balloon” that signifies your pinpointed location on a Google Map.

• Enhance your map with Google AdWords. With this upgrade, your balloon turns blue, signifying your sponsored placement. An ad for your dealership appears alongside the map, giving customers even more reason to consider your location.

• Your website ideally contains search-friendly contact information, like your address and phone number on every page – preferably in a consistent location like the header or footer. Your text can tell customers why they should consider buying from you. An out-of-state online purchase may waive or lower the sales tax, for instance.

• Your social media pages provide a forum for visitors from all over the United States and beyond. Use Facebook, Twitter, or other networks to reinforce your dealership’s advantages, and special offers for out-of-state customers. Create a blog about the advantages of buying from the best quality dealership, not just the closest.

• Link to a nationwide network of brand dealers, so that your customers will know they can find warranty work wherever they travel.

• Create a YouTube “commercial” targeting nationwide buyers. Give an up-close view of your stock, include interviews with satisfied customers, and use graphics to help out-of-towners locate your dealership. (Tag your video with your state name so search engines can identify it.)

Thanks to data plans and WiFi hotspots everywhere, consumers can connect with you from home (wherever that may be) or on the road – now is your chance to engage in nationwide marketing.

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