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Expanding Your Territory, Reaching Beyond Your Local Market

Posted by industryblogger on Jun 28, 2012

RV owners are people on the go, and that could be good news for your business. Are you taking advantage of not just local, but nationwide marketing?  Here are a couple suggestions: • Offer sales, warranty work, body shop services and equipment or accessories to… Read On »

Are You Providing the Best Possible Mobile Experience for RV Shoppers?

Posted by industryblogger on May 17, 2012

As an RV industry professional, you have an appreciation for people on the go. And today’s technology clearly points to mobile phones and tablets that keep consumers connected wherever they are. From smartphones to iPads, netbooks to Nooks, mobile Internet-connected devices have seen an astounding… Read On »

Social Media — It’s Hot but Confusing. Where Should You Spend Your Time?

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Mar 30, 2012

It’s just beginning to flex its muscles, but social media is quickly replacing traditional media as the heavy-lifter in RV dealer marketing programs. For business owners, the question is not whether to jump in the ring but which social media marketing platform to bet on.… Read On »

Display Ads and Banner Ads on Track to Become Online Marketing Leaders

Posted by industryblogger on Aug 23, 2011

As people spend more of their time on the internet, particularly on Facebook and other social media sites, RV dealers and other advertisers are moving their marketing dollars into online advertising products. This year in the U.S., spending on online advertising — search marketing ,… Read On »

Concept RV Demos RV Future

Posted by industryblogger on Aug 22, 2011

With sleek, stylish good looks and a miniscule carbon footprint, the T-Van provides a peek at the future of RVing. The concept travel trailer was one of the top entries in the Caravan of the Future competition sponsored by the United Kingdom Caravan Club. (The British call… Read On »

See What’s New at Giant Hershey, PA RV Show

Posted by industryblogger on Aug 01, 2011

Advertised as America’s largest RV show, the Pennsylvania RV and Camping Show in Hershey, PA is one of the biggest and best RV shows in the nation. From Wednesday, September 14 through Sunday, September 18, the RV industry will be on full display in Hershey.… Read On »

To Boost Dealership Sales, RV Dealers Must Tap into Sheconomy

Posted by industryblogger on May 12, 2011

Women’s earning potential has increased dramatically over the past decade. We are entering an age where women will dominate the economy, Time magazine predicted in a November 22, 2010 article. Calling the phenomenon the “sheconomy,” Time noted that women now control 51.3% of the private… Read On »

RV Dealers Expect Strong Towable RV Sales

Posted by industryblogger on Jan 10, 2011

RV dealer sales are expected to climb across the board this year with towable RVs leading the way. After a couple of years of tight budgets and dreary staycations, the improving economy and loosening credit have American itching to travel and  have fun. The cost-effectiveness… Read On »

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