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Using Rich Snippets Can Help Google Display More Pertinent Content

Posted by industryblogger on May 31, 2012

Perhaps your RV dealership has gotten outstanding ratings from third-party review sites. Maybe you want to promote a new location. Or you wish to announce a special buy or lease rate, or even a special event at your dealership. Enriching Web Searches Now you don’t… Read On »

Google Places – How to Remediate a Smack Down

Posted by industryblogger on Apr 26, 2012

Google Places – that eye-catching, pin-pointed map displaying the locations of specific businesses in a geographic area – has caught on with web searchers. If your dealership is competing with others in the same town, Google Places can be invaluable. A simple search of “RV… Read On »

Adwords Optimization Series: Get More Clicks for Less

Posted by industryblogger on Feb 09, 2012

For RV Dealers who use Google Adwords – here are a couple tips that can significantly lower the cost of your Campaigns, all the while generating more clicks from your qualified audience. 1.  For each Ad Group (within a Campaign), always run two ads against… Read On »

Motorcoach One Joins Presidential Fleet

Posted by industryblogger on Aug 24, 2011

President Obama recently joined the ranks of the RV Nation when the Secret Service presented him with the latest addition to the presidential fleet, a $1.1 million luxury Prevost motorcoach. The company’s top-of-the-line model, the VIP H3-45 is a favorite with touring rock bands and Nashville stars,… Read On »

RV Dealers Use Analytics to Target Online Marketing Campaigns

Posted by industryblogger on Feb 23, 2011

U.S. businesses spent more than $11 billion on online advertising last year and that number is expected to increase annually as the American marketplace continues to move online. More than 80% of shoppers already begin their search for a vehicle online, according to J. D.… Read On »

Best Practices for Managing RV Dealership Inventory

Posted by industryblogger on Feb 07, 2011

Inventory management is a critical factor in the success and profitability of RV dealerships.  RV dealers must divide their energies between two main inventory problems: Selling new RV stock delivered by the manufacturer. Moving used RVs acquired as trade-ins. With a significant amount of capital… Read On »

Use Video Power to Boost RV Dealership Sales

Posted by industryblogger on Jan 05, 2011

Pictures are like Velcro, they stick in the mind long after words are forgotten. Video takes visual memory to the ultimate level, integrating two of our most prominent senses – sight and sound – to deliver messages with staying power. According to national research conducted… Read On »

Innovations in Spotlight at RV Industry Trade Show

Posted by industryblogger on Nov 22, 2010

RV manufacturers will be turning the spotlight on the latest industry innovations and rolling out their new product lines at next week’s 48th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, KY. The eagerly anticipated show will be held November 30 through December 2 at the… Read On »

How RV Dealers Can Use Social Media to Create Effective Online Marketing Campaigns

Posted by industryblogger on Oct 05, 2010

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and business blogs are the Big 4 social media marketing tools driving today’s consumer marketplace, including RV sales. Social media are changing the way people communicate and conduct business. In our plugged-in, on-the-go world, if you want to reach your customer base,… Read On »

RVIA RV Trade Show to Highlight New Trends

Posted by industryblogger on Nov 13, 2009

Outlet 2010: Let the Sun Shine is the upbeat theme of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s 47th annual national RV trade show. The country’s biggest RV show will be held from December 1-3 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY. The trade show will… Read On »

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