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Posted by Shawn Friesen on Jan 21, 2013

We’ve integrated Live Chat into our system, making it easy for consumers to engage your dealership – live – while visiting your listings on! Live Chat also proactively engages your visitors by inviting them into a conversation with your sales rep(s). This exciting new feature is ONLY $30 /… Read On »

Plan Now So You Grow RV Sales in 2013 …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Jan 18, 2013

Time flies and the super busy RV selling season will be here before you know it.  In fact, shopping for RVs – online – is already ramping up!   But for right now, you’re in planning mode.  You’re actively planning and assessing fresh, new ideas.… Read On »

Watch This Happen in the RV Industry …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Jan 10, 2013

RV industry media and pundits are all fairly optimistic about prospects for growth.  And, so is  But, there’s more …   We’re seeing some intriguing dynamics on the consumer side and some converging positives on the dealer side as well.  It could mean significant impact in… Read On »

Facebook Doesn’t Pay…Does It?

Posted by Chris Mapson on Jan 03, 2013

Let’s get blunt and honest for a minute, shall we?  Converting your dealership’s Social Media efforts into paying customers is the end game, isn’t it? So, about your Facebook Page … time spent, energy eaten up, money tossed at it.  But, don’t fret.  You’re doing… Read On »

Dealer-to-Dealer RV Trades Now Much Easier …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Dec 19, 2012

Having the right “mix” of RVs on your lot is crucial to your dealership. Perhaps you’re looking to offer more selection in a certain type of RV.  Or, maybe you find yourself a little overstocked in one particular category. Not an issue for customers!… Read On »

Cool New Function Helps You “Blow Out” an RV Every Now & Then …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Dec 12, 2012

You’re constantly thinking about your RV inventory.  In fact, you might even have a couple of units that have been sitting around a little too long.  You’d really love to blow them out in a hurry. Check out this brand new function in your Dealer… Read On »

RV Dealership Walks Away with Worthy Grand Prize Package from

Posted by Chris Mapson on Dec 05, 2012

At the close of this year’s RVIA Industry RV show in Louisville, KY, Classifieds announced the winner of their annual grand prize giveaway – ‘$1.5 Million in Potential Gross RV Sales.’ Chuck Jung was announced the winner, and will receive 600 RV consumer inquiries (up to… Read On »

Success Track – From Lead … to Customer … to “Customer-for-Life” …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Nov 16, 2012

Every lead you receive – Web lead, phone-in or RV lot visitor – is absolutely chock full of pent up potential! Sure, they might purchase an RV today, but have you considered the awesome worth of a lead – if – they become one your… Read On »

Nice Web Lead! Here’s How to Leave a Voicemail that Gets a Call-Back …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Nov 09, 2012

So a web lead comes in … or … your Receptionist gives you a message that a prospect called.   Exciting!  You got a live one! There are a number of approaches you can take, but, if you’re in the game to win, test out… Read On »

RV Consumer Lead Follow Up – How to Make It Matter …

Posted by Chris Mapson on Nov 02, 2012

It’s absolutely crazy, but do you ever find that RV Sales Team members can see things one way – while RV dealer Principals or Sales Managers can see the very same things – in a completely different way?   Can you say, “disconnect?” In fact,… Read On »

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