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The Road to Opportunity Passes through

Posted by industryblogger on Sep 27, 2012

What happens in Vegas … stays relevant in your dealership. There’s still time to pack your bags for the RVDA trade show in Las Vegas, Oct. 1-5. “The Road to Opportunity” will take you from the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino right into the heart… Read On »

The “5 C’s” of Building Rapport with a Web Lead or Call-In …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Sep 20, 2012

  Rapport:  [ra-pawr, –pohr] – a close and harmonious relationship in which the people concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well:  she had an instant rapport with prospective buyers. Developing rapport with online or phone-based leads is a lot like building rapport in-person:  your goal is to… Read On »

How to Ensure Your RV Consumer Inquirers Have an Ideal “Buying Experience” …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Sep 13, 2012

As part of the network, you’re connected to an RV sales lead inquiry “engine” which, from the buyers’ perspective, is a rich resource where RVers congregate to research, scope out, “hunt down” and buy their next RV. And, it won’t be long before an RV… Read On »

Get on the Map, Take Control and Get Selling …

Posted by industryblogger on Aug 16, 2012

That shiny new RV you’ve got sitting out there on your lot looks like it wants to find a really good home!  So, I was wondering … how are you going to “make that happen”? Yes, the song remains the same.  Hey, you’re an RV… Read On »

Why 17,000 Active RV Buyers “SHARE” RVs They Want to Buy on Social Networks …

Posted by industryblogger on Aug 10, 2012

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – the best-known “social networks,” along with popular sites like YouTube – have dramatically changed how people “connect” with others AND ALSO how they research, shop for and buy products & services … … especially RV’s! The positive, highly-actionable data just… Read On »

Optimize Your Online Efforts for Local Audiences

Posted by industryblogger on Jun 21, 2012

Ninety-seven percent of consumers use the Internet to search for businesses, and many shoppers don’t investigate beyond the first five or so results. If your dealership is optimized for local marketing, you stand a better chance of gaining new leads. Website and social networks Use… Read On »

Media Has Gone Digital; How to Make It Work for You

Posted by industryblogger on May 28, 2012

The competitiveness of the RV industry demands that dealers embrace digital media and start making it work for them. The benefits to be gained from including digital media in your marketing program are substantial: Digital media offers the opportunity to expand your sales reach to… Read On »

Are You Providing the Best Possible Mobile Experience for RV Shoppers?

Posted by industryblogger on May 17, 2012

As an RV industry professional, you have an appreciation for people on the go. And today’s technology clearly points to mobile phones and tablets that keep consumers connected wherever they are. From smartphones to iPads, netbooks to Nooks, mobile Internet-connected devices have seen an astounding… Read On »

Google Places – How to Remediate a Smack Down

Posted by industryblogger on Apr 26, 2012

Google Places – that eye-catching, pin-pointed map displaying the locations of specific businesses in a geographic area – has caught on with web searchers. If your dealership is competing with others in the same town, Google Places can be invaluable. A simple search of “RV… Read On »

RV Dealers – How to Put Inventory on Your Facebook Page or Timeline…Easily

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Apr 10, 2012

Now you can include up-to-date inventory on your Facebook Page…in just a couple clicks! Announcing the Facebook App, FREE for Featured Dealers.  (Not an Featured Dealer?  Now is the time!  Sign up here for a 14 day Free trial.) To set up,… Read On »

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