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At RV Dealerships Customer Loyalty Hinges on Responsive Customer Service

Posted by industryblogger on May 11, 2011

The development of loyal RV dealership customers still hinges on the same traditional salesmanship values it always has: inventory (see our previous post), product expertise, RV dealership atmosphere and customer service. However, changing shopping patterns driven by the internet, Facebook and mobile technology have added a few new — and very important — wrinkles to traditional sales tactics. To attract customers and develop the customer loyalty that generates repeat sales, RV dealers need to embrace and harness new technical platforms.

Product expertise. RV shoppers expect sales personnel to be familiar with every detail of every RV offered for sale, whether on your lot, dealership website or online classified ads. The shift to online RV shopping means the majority of customer contacts will be electronic, arriving via website, Facebook, Twitter or smartphone links. Dealers must be wired in and have the ability to respond in kind. Using their online classified ads as a starting point, RV dealers can develop downloadable info/photo packets for each vehicle that can be quickly emailed or tweeted in response to customer inquiries.

Atmosphere. When you sell an RV, you’re selling a lifestyle choice. Web-generated materials should reflect the same relaxing, family togetherness vibe as your brick and mortar store.

Customer service. Fast and easy access to information via the internet has created the expectation of instant response. Twitter and mobile technology allow RV dealers to respond instantly to customer questions or complaints in real time as issues arise..

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