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Adwords Optimization Series: Get More Clicks for Less

Posted by industryblogger on Feb 09, 2012

For RV Dealers who use Google Adwords – here are a couple tips that can significantly lower the cost of your Campaigns, all the while generating more clicks from your qualified audience.

1.  For each Ad Group (within a Campaign), always run two ads against each other.  As time goes on, the ad with the higher Click-through-rate (CTR) will become obvious.  Pause the ‘losing’ ad and create another using a slightly modified version of the ‘winning’ ad or totally new ad that you think will gain more clicks.  Use this handy A/B Split Tester  to confirm if the ad is truly a better performer.

The higher your CTR, the lower your Cost-per-click.  Google calculates what is called “Ad Rank” by multiplying “Quality Score” x your highest bid.  Quality Score is determined in part by the CTR of your keywords.  Therefore, the higher CTR your ads bring, the higher your Quality Score, and the higher your Ad Rank.  Higher Ad Rank means you don’t have to pay as much as a competitor for the same keyword.  More info on Google Ad Rank here.

2. Use what’s called the ‘Peel ‘n Stick’ technique.  First, take note of keywords that get a lot of impressions or clicks.  Then, pause the keyword, and create a new Ad Group based only on that keyword.  Create ads that use the specific keyword in the title and content, and craft the ad to appeal to a person searching with the particular keyword.  For example – say you notice a lot of views for the keyword “RV Dealers in California.”  Pause that keyword in the existing Ad Group, create a new Ad Group called “RV Dealers in California.”  Use the keyword in the new Ad Group, and create an ad that will appeal specifically to someone searching the keyword “RV Dealers in California.”  Remember to always pit two ads against one another to drive up your CTR and lower your CPC.

This technique will enable you to better capitalize on important keywords by creating ads that are more likely to be clicked.  You can also change the URL on these targeted ads to drive traffic to a more relevant landing page.  For example, for keyword “Class A RVs for Sale” you could have all clicks land on your inventory page for Class A RVs.  The easier it is for a searcher to find what they are looking for the better.

Need someone to manage or setup an Adwords account for you?  Check out the Adwords Management Services for RV Dealers info sheet.  Also, we provide Adwords Enhanced traffic to existing dealer inventory – find out more.


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