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Add Video to Boost Power of Your Online RV Ad

Posted by industryblogger on Oct 13, 2010

Anyone who has ever emailed a hilarious or thought-provoking YouTube video to a friend understands the power of video to capture an audience’s attention. Video engages the viewer, turningĀ passive observers into active participants. When you add video to your online RV classified ad, you ensure that potential buyers will spend some quality time checking out your RV’s unique features.

When a potential RV buyer visits an online classified ad site, he quickly scans the thumbnail photos that appear on the search page. An experienced online shopper can scan through a page of ads in a matter of seconds, barely pausing to let each ad register unless something unique catches his eye. But when an RV shopper clicks on a video ad, his eye is forced to stop moving and focus on the video images. Adding a video to your online RV classified ad requires the buyer to invest a few minutes in your RV vehicle as he follows you on the virtual video tour you’ve prepared. Every minute an RV buyer invests in your RV video increases the probability that he will seriously consider purchasing your RV.

Whether you’re a private RV owner or RV dealer, adding video to your online RV adĀ  — it’s absolutely free on is the fastest, easiest, most successful way to ensure that motivated RV buyers take a good, long look at your RV.

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