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Ad Placement Boosts Power of RV Classified Ads

Posted by industryblogger on Nov 02, 2011

Realtors say the key to selling a house is location, location, location. The same is true when you sell your RV. Whether you’re an individual RV seller or an RV dealer moving inventory, the location of your RV classified ad will have a critical impact on how quickly your RV sells. Your goal as an RV seller is to place your classified ad where it will be seen by the greatest number of potential RV buyers so that it will sell quickly. Accomplishing that goal depends on two key decisions: which website you list your ad on and where on the website your ad is displayed.

Listing your RV for sale on a classified ad website like that is dedicated exclusively to RV sales will attract a more motivated and more targeted buyer pool than listing your RV ad on a website that offers a wide variety of items for sale. When shoppers visit, they’re not looking for a baby crib or baseball memorabilia; they are there to buy an RV.

RV classified ad websites contain thousands of RV listings. On, for example, there are currently 54,394 RVs for sale. Making your ad stand out so that it is noticed by RV shoppers can be a challenge. Paying a little extra for special placement on’s homepage or the search page for a specific state or province increases the number of RV shoppers who will see your ad and guarantees that shoppers see your RV ad first.

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