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A Lead-Maximizing Tactic Few Dealers Take Advantage Of …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Aug 07, 2013

Today we’re going to discuss a powerful technique you can use right now to get more RV shoppers to contact you.

It’s simple and easy-to-do but only about 1 in 25 dealerships actually uses this method to drive more leads for their Sales Reps.

Are You Using This Powerful Technique?

We’ve talked about the different kinds of responses you NEED to get from every RV classified ad you publish:  Internet leads, phone calls and walk-ins.

And of course, we’ve discussed “Calls to Action” (or CTA’s.)  Effective CTA’s.  But the question is how?  How do you add CTAs to your listings in a way that will entice the consumer to contact you?  Call-to-action

GIVEN:  You have your phone number on your ad listing and you have that clear, red Contact Seller button as well.  These are great CTAs.  But, what else can you do to stimulate response / action?

Here’s Your New Mantra:  Features / Benefits / CTA

Step 1:  

Once you’ve listed the features of the unit you’re showcasing and describing, go back to a couple of the features you know from experience are in high demand, features most buyers are after.  Now, add a little benefits-laden “emotional” copy to your ad.

Don’t be shy.  1 or 2 sentences.  Give it a try.

Benefits with Emotion

Really talk to your prospect – in their own language.  If you’re marketing the unit to younger families, emotion rich language might talk about the fun times everyone will have around the campfire in the evening …

  • Family time
  • Being together
  • Making memories
  • Leaving a legacy of good times.

Tie the “experience” into the “features” of the unit.  Like this:

“Need to and escape the blazing afternoon sun?  This RV’s equipped with a 13,500 BTU air conditioner.”

So, in Step 1, we’ve got the feature everyone wants (AC) tied in with an emotion rich benefit (i.e. relaxation time away from the heat of summer.)

You’re sparking an emotional connection with the reader!  Excellent!

Step 2:  What Your Competitors Are Missing … That YOU Need To Do …

While you’ve got RV shoppers imagining themselves in the middle of their adventure where the RV is the star – then – throw in a Call-to-Action (CTA).  Like this, for example:

“Imagine the fun your family will enjoy in your new 2014 Jayco Eagle 314BDS Bunk House …  After a day at the beach, everyone just wants to hang out under the power awning, enjoy the outdoor kitchen and share their stories of great adventure.

You smile to yourself because you know this is where memories are made and your kids will be sharing these stories with their children in years to come.

If you’d like to see if this model “fits” your family, call us at (XXX) XXX-XXXX or feel free to stop by for a visit.

Or, again, sticking to the formula:  Feature / Benefit / CTA, you could experiment with something like this …

Aside from the huge awning protecting you from the elements, if you want to escape the heat and go inside this beautiful RV, there are four large chairs and two comfy couches where everyone can kick back, relax and enjoy just hanging out together.

Want to know more?  Email us today and we’ll set up a convenient appointment time for you to come in and see this gorgeous RV for yourself.  

Here’s another example …

And when you stop by, remember to bring along your Smartphone with all your favorite music on it.  We’ll demonstrate the amazing indoor / outdoor Jensen stereo system for you (and all the other features as well!)

The “Secret Recipe” to Creating More Web leads, Phone-ins and Walk-ins is … Feature / Benefit / CTA.

(DISCLAIMER:  These are simply examples of how to take a feature, put your reader into the RV lifestyle picture (with benefits) – and then – build in a strong Call-to-Action within your description!)

Keep it friendly, not pushy.  Try 2 features per ad first and convert them to Feature / Benefit / CTA.

All you are doing is putting your prospects into a mental picture in their minds and now you want to help them make it a reality by getting them to take a desired action and you’ve inserted a couple or 3 mentions of how they can get in touch with you – without destroying – the mental picture you’ve created.

I would urge you to give this “secret” technique – Feature / Benefit / CTA – a try.  Give some directions to your ad writing staff and have them implement it.  You may be pleasantly surprised how more consumers will “engage” with your listings and stop by for a visit!

Agree?  Disagree?  I’d love to hear your reactions to Feature / Benefit / CTA.

What’s your experience with Calls-to-Action inside the descriptions of your ads?

Author: Shawn Friesen


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