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5 Crucial Things An RV Internet Sales Manager Must Do To Prep For Spring …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Feb 12, 2014

RV Internet Sales Managers never cease to inspire us!  You have great insights into how to sell more RVs.

And today, RVAdvertiser is pleased to feature some timely ideas and a special video courtesy of James Klaus, E-Commerce Director at Bozeman RV Sales.

Check out the short video below.  James offers 5 important “to-do” items that should be “on the radar” for RV Internet Managers who want to make the most of the busy Spring selling season.


Add These Suggestions To Your “Do” List …

1.  Optimize Your Online Listings!

2.  Be Transparent Across All Forms of Media.

  • Make sure your prices are available across all media.
  • And, make sure prices are the same!
  • Set yourself up to be easy to research, easy to find and easy to buy from.

3.  Enter all your leads into your CRM.

  • Generating leads costs money.  Put all leads into your CRM.
  • Track the source of your leads so management knows what advertising is working.
  • Set follow ups for all “in market shoppers” (buying in 30 days or less) – quick automated autoresponder emails plus phone calls per your Sales Process.
  • Use 180 and 365 day follow ups as well.

4.  Make Sure Your Management Team and Sales Team Are on the Same Page.

  • Sales needs to know what advertising is happening so when the customer comes in, Sales is aware and can capitalize.

5.  SELL!

  • Advertising works.
  • People come in.
  • Now sell RVs!

Thanks for the sage and timely advice, James!

Our Reader’s Turn:

Spring is fast approaching … what pressing (and profitable) items are on YOUR list to take care of?  Please feel free to comment below.

Author: Shawn Friesen

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