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1 Game-Changer Tactic that Few RV Dealers Are Onto …

Posted by Shawn Friesen on Jun 20, 2013

“This,” he said with steely cold resolve, “This changes everything!”

It was another RV dealer being “awakened to” or “turned onto” the significant potential revenue driving power of using online video to jack up RV sales.  This-changes-everything

You better pray … that he is NOT your competitor!

Here’s the Trick …

Do you have any brand new RVs on your lot?  2013’s?  2014’s?

Knowing that today’s RV consumer can be a very savvy shopper, why don’t you try a Google search exactly like thousands of RV consumers are searching every day …

A Great Example of a Dealer Who’s Doing It Right:

Google this term:  2014 Itasca Reyo 25P

Click to view larger image.

Click to view larger image.


See how Lichtsinn Motors’ video shows up high in Google search results?

So, the video – filmed and published by a dealer – shows up super high in the Google search results.  By using YouTube, they gain a FIRST PAGE link in a Google search!

Same thing if you just search Itasca Reyo or Itasca Navion.  Dealer videos show up high on page 1.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Just for fun, Google all your brand new RV makes and models, like consumers do:  2013 <<Insert Mfgr Name>> <<Insert Model Name>> <<Insert Model Number>>

QUESTION:  Who’s videos show up on the first page of Google … for all YOUR brands?

  • Sometimes it’s the manufacturer’s video (rarely)
  • Sometimes it’s another dealer’s video (rarely)
  • Would you like it to be YOUR video?

You really CAN do this.  Be encouraged!  Top Google rankings can be yours if you leverage YouTube videos in this way.

NOTE:  I experimented and tried Googling lots and lots of new makes and models of RVs and most often – statistically – there are NO videos up yet.

Pity, really.

I wonder who will be first to video all their new RVs and use that to gain a FIRST PAGE link in a Google search?

Looking for more clicks?  Wishing folks would spend more time examining your RV classified ads?  Need more leads?

Video Truly Makes Top Rankings Yours for the Taking.  

Many dealers are tapping into this virtual pipeline of leads. And, makes it easy for you to get your videos online.  (Ask me how.  Email chris at RVT dot com.)

But, judging by the huge number of new model RVs that have NO videos yet, dealers who act quickly will dominate, profit and grow.  Dealers who don’t? … well … I guess it’ll all work out in the end.

We’re Seeing It In The Marine Sector Too

We looked into a number of other related or similar industries for this phenomenon at work as well.  Auto and Power Sports, not so much, you find mostly review type videos from special review organizations at the top of Auto and Power Sport searches (which you don’t see too much of in RV.)  But, in Marine you do find many examples of dealer filmed video causing high rankings in Google searches.

  • Try:  2013 Lund Tyee and you’ll find 4 videos by Bee’s Sports on the first page.  (As of the date of this writing.)
  • Also try a search for a 2013 Glastron GT 205.  Again, a dealer YouTube video for this model gets them very high rankings – a likely boon to the dealer, no doubt.

Concluding Remarks

Now that you can visualize – on a Google search – the power and importance of video – rest assured – you can do this!

Please feel free to call me to discuss.

And, watch for more tips and tricks about RV video coming your way.

Author: Shawn Friesen


  1. Jeffrey Lemmon

    Killer idea! This will help me communicate the importance of video to “The Powers That Be” who don’t feel it’s a priority for our marketing mix. Thanks!!!

  2. Chris Mapson

    Hi Jeffrey: Yes, it’s hard to overstate the value of video as a part of any digital marketing strategy.

    We looked at huge numbers of random RV ads. 1/2 with video. 1/2 with NO video. The 1/2 WITH video pulled 46% more leads. And that many “extra” leads quickly translates into more sales.

    Here to help. Keep me posted.

    All the best Jeffrey!


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